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Direction To AAUP

The university is located in the far northern part of the West Bank, Palestine. Click on the following link to access an interactive map:

You can zoom in and zoom out using the mouse's scroll wheel.

By Plane

No airports are currently operational in the Palestinian Territories. The closest airports听available are听the Ben Gurion Airport in Israel and the Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan. From the Ben Gurion Airport, the only mode of transport available听is taking a taxi. Fares are relatively high. From the Queen Alia International Airport, the fastest method of transport is to take a taxi to the (King Hussein Bridge/Allemby/Al Karamah) border crossing. Public transport (Service) to the crossing is alternatively available from Tabarbour, Amman. Your first destination in Palestine will be Jericho city.

By Bus

From Jericho, take the bus to Nablus. At the Western Station (Al Mujamma' Al Gharbi), take a bus to Jenin. In Jenin, go to听the Main Station (Al Mujamma' Al Raisi), regular buses head to the university from about 7:30 am until about 4:00 pm.

Note 1:听Buses in Palestine depart upon reaching full capacity and do not generally follow a fixed time-table.

Note 2:听Shuttle mini-buses (vans with capacity of 7 people) are almost always available in every major station in Palestine. Think of it as an alternative to buses. They depart on quicker schedules and are slightly more expensive than buses. This is usually the preferred option for most Palestinians (due to note 1 above).

Note 3:听In most cases, the driver receives the payment, in cash, from the passengers in New Israeli Shekels (Jordan Dinars may also be accepted). Euros, dollars and other international currencies must first be exchanged. Money exchange can be made at local banks and exchange offices in major towns. In many cases, expect no tickets in return, particularly for shuttle vans. This is normal!

By Taxi

From Jerusalem, take a taxi to the university. Expect the fares to be relatively high.

From Jericho, take a taxi directly to the university. 听Expect the fares to be relatively high.

By Car

Roads 60 and 66 lead to Jenin (see above link for the interactive map). The university can be reached by following road number 5827. Road numbers may not appear on road signs, particularly in the local area around the university. Follow the road signs leading the university.

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