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PalPay Locations

Having advanced electronic services is an additional service we provide for our students in the university. Such services save them time and effort. Therefore, the University provided fees payment service through Palpay points to ensure that tuition and other financial obligations are paid quickly and safely. Palpay has provided a number of tools and ways to make PalPay services available for all citizens, both bankers and non-bankers.

If you are a banker, you can inquire your university payments and pay your tuitions or other fees either through your bank account at Bank of Palestine using your online banking application, or use PalPay services. If you have the Bank of Palestine banking application 鈥淏anki鈥, you can activate the service on your mobile and benefit from it.

If you are a non-banker, PalPay have created a wide network of accredited merchants (such as shops, pharmacies, telecom exhibition, etc.) to enable you to pay your tuition and financial obligations either by cash or bank cards. This network spreads throughout the country, covering all cities, villages, rural areas and camps saving you effort and time instead of standing in long lines to pay. Just head to the nearest PalPay point location to inquire about your fees and pay them.

You can use the Smart Search feature below to obtain the nearest Palpay point locations to you and accredited by Arab American University. You need to select your province and city.