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AAUP Alumni Association

  • You鈥檙e a member!

    Yeah, we mean you! As a graduate of Arab American University, you're automatically a member of the AAUP Alumni Association. There's no test to pass and no fee required.

    Updating Alumni Information

    And just to be sure that you are connected: do we have your current address, phone number, etc.? If not, why not take a minute to update your profile.

    About the AAUP Alumni Association

    The Office of the Vice President for Community Affairs believes that the University鈥檚 responsibility does not end at the graduation ceremony. Graduates adaptation to, and success in the labor market is a very important aspect of student training. Furthermore, graduates are an important asset in providing feedback for student development.

    They can serve as indicators for our teaching effectiveness and provide feedback for modifying our techniques to match the market鈥檚 needs. Successful graduates can serve as a role model for existing students and help advise them on how to be successful after graduation. Successful graduates can use the University as a resource for recruiting, while less lucky graduates can benefit from job opportunities and employment workshops conducted at the University.

    The Alumni Unit is located at the fourth floor in the Law Faculty Building and consists of a meeting room with video and communication equipment for a variety of activities, including:
    1. Graduate surveys to measure graduates鈥 adaptation to the labor market
    2. Employer surveys to understand the market expectations from graduates
    3. Workshops on career counseling to train graduates on how to apply for and conduct interviews
    4. Scholarships offered to graduates for post graduate programs.


    - Strengthen communication with alumni.
    - Provide Training.
    - Alumni data base building.
    - Arrange for meetings, workshops and Conferences.
    - Keep Alumni Conversant with the programs and activities of the University.
    - highlight the achievements of our alumni.