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Ahmad Al-Haj

Ahmad Al-Haj

Engineer Ahmad Al-Haj – One of the biggest names in Xngage, an information technology company that specializes in digital marketing in the business of manufacturing companies, distributors and wholesalers based in the State of Ohio– The United States. Ahmad is a 2015 Computer Systems Engineering graduate from Arab American University, who presented an exceptional seminar project entitled “Robot Mental Controlling” where he implemented a new prototype that controls robots using the human mind. Engineer Ahmad developed his personal skills and capabilities during his time at AAUP by participating in various training workshops in the field of Computer Science, Graphic Design and Networking Development.

Ahmad and two of his university colleagues were able to launch their own company called “EIT Solutions”. The idea for the company came as a result of their desire to create self-achieved career opportunities during university life, in order to encourage students to pursue careers and step into the workforce while they are still students. EIT Solutions is a Palestinian leading company that works on developing computer systems and programming, as well as creating systems that track vehicles and individuals remotely.

In 2018, Ahmad started working at Xngage, which works in exchanging products and services and information via the internet.

Looking back at his time in AAUP, Ahmad states

always think outside of the box, do not expect opportunities to come to you, especially if you sit behind a desk and wait.