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Hassib Sabbagh Information Technology Center of Excellence (HSITCE)

Head of Center: 
Eng. Mays Ala鈥檃 Awwad

HSITCE is a nonprofit organization established in 2005 with support from the Palestinian contractor The American Near East Refugee Aid (ANIRA). The original ideas behind the center were to create high-tech center to serve the community, and bridge the gap between the University and the local community nearby.


Stemming from the Arab American University Corporate Social Responsibility to enhance, improve and develop the advancement of the performance of the local community and through a generous donation from the late Palestinian Engineer Mr. Hassib Sabbagh the co-founder of Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), Hassib Sabbagh Information Technology Center of Excellence (HSITCE) was brought to life at the Arab American University campus in Jenin in 2005.
The center was founded in cooperation with The Palestinian Information Technology Association - PITA, Patient's Friends Society - Jenin, the Engineers Syndicate - Jenin Branch and ANERA, aiming to contribute to the development of the technological and economic sectors in our home land especially in the North of Palestine.


To be pioneers in "technologing" the community.


HSITCE will strive to create the Palestinian information society. This goal can be achieved through the best practices of information technology. To accomplish this task, we will create different types of information systems for different local community units, provide high quality technical training courses for different categories of the local community according to their need, and encourage creativity and innovation for AAU听students in the business and technical fields.


The Ultimate goal of HSITCE is to provide a high quality community service to the public in the northern west bank. HSITCE will strive to achieve its objective, and to do so the center will seek to achieve the following goals:

First:听The center will act as an Information System (IS) provider to the community civil units by acting as an intermediary between the donors and the community civil units.

Second:听The center will strive to be a pioneer in providing a high quality technical training courses.

Third:听The center will seek licenses to exams such as CCNA, CCNB, and TOFEL.

Fourth:听Because we believe in students and their talents, the center will encourage creativity and innovation by providing consolation to them.

Contact Information: 

E-mail : hsitceataaup.edu
Phone # ( Direct ): 04-2520801

Phone #:听04-2418888 | Ext.:听Internal number : 1652 , 1663 , 1659

Sub Units: 

Administrative Office

Secretarial Office

Accounting Office

Courses Coordination Office

Projects Coordination Office

Competitions Office

Incubation Projects


Administrative Department outlines the center policy and tries to develop it. The department guides the workers, observes all center work, and adjusts aims to be in service with customers.

Secretarial Department follows up on the center mailings, saves archives, distributes mail to the workers, and receives all in-coming customer calls to the center.

Accounting Department follows up on the financial matters for the instituted projects and courses by the center, and it also has a financial system for imports and exports in the center.

Courses Coordination Department coordinates the courses based within the, and arranges the time and number of participants with those administrators on these courses who have both the competence and experience.

Projects Coordination Department coordinates the projects based within the center sets the goals of these projects.

Competitions Department prepares and coordinates for the center鈥檚 competitions; whether it is profited or given as appreciation certificates.

Incubation projects coordinates and prepares for new companies that would find temporary work areas, and that provide suitable places that include computers and laptops with electricity and internet access.